Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bamboo CD, anyone?

Hi CDing and not momies,

How's your fasting month? Are you only fasting out food and water, and still live a cloudy gossipping life, full of jealousy and hatred? I believe you great mommas out there are fasting IN and OUT doncha???

Okay let me just share with you new products in store: Babytodd One Size Bamboo CD, great for babies with sensitive bottoms and especially for babies who can't tolenrate microfleece and/or suedecloth inner (well there are babies like these, poor little ones). Now you momies can finally try out and make a transformation from Disposable Hopping (from one brand to another) to CDing fulltime <---sounds like employment huh?? What can I say about these Cds? They are comfy, slim, superabsorbent, hypoallergenic <---if you are not sure, (please take one to your Paed), adorable and the difference between an economic Bamboo CD with a luxury Bamboo CD: this one is not for heavy duty usage, and the difference between this Bamboo CD and microfleece or suedecloth CD: this one does not claim it has a stay dry material, but it is staycool! The Babytodd CD belongs to a friend and helping her to promote (and earn of course, who wouldnt?), you want to know about it and try one or two, log on to www.crazymomy.com.


  1. salam, nak tanya, butik kat bbbangi tu jual tak bamboo insert? yg mmg u jual dlm website ni? tq

  2. banyak yang cantik2 ye kat sini. bagus sangat saya akan kembali lagi setiap hari.