Wednesday, May 20, 2009


No 1. AMYATIE - Amyatie got the highest vote on Maryaaa's Oogle, and also some emails were received from her supporters. But like I said the decision wasnt solely made by the votes...she has won because of this:

Quote from her entry:

"Ni gambar ketika ku mengejar hot fm viva zoomers... hehe dlm kete ku mmg mengenakan RS jadi bila ku dgr skuad berada di kawasan berhampiran dgn pantas ku cargas ke tmpt kejadian tanpa meninggalkan anakku yg sememangnya sentiasa melekap di dada ku..."

HEHEHE...SUPERB..she has shown how effective a RS is and how efficient she can be with the help of a RS.

No 2. MAMANOA - Mamanoa did not get many votes via Nuffnang poll, somehow I received a lot of email from her supporters and they even stated why Noa should win. To me she wins because of this:

"ini lah cubaan kali pertama aku nk pkai RS gi shopping..uhhuhu,hubby at 1st tanyer nk bawak stroller ker..aku dgn CONDIFENT berkata.."xpayah la b...da ader rs ni..." "

That statement beats the rest..RS makes your life easy. And Noa also wore the RS Oh So Correctly the first time. All other momies please take note that the ring should be high up and the pad should be placed right on your shoulder <---juz to make it more comfy for you. Please refer the links that I've posted in one of the RS entries on how to wear a RS. Go google.


No 3.

Wow very hard for me to choose this one. Coz I've a couple of names in my mind. And the voting result are about the same.

Okay I choose NIK - Nik's poll result is about the same with Amyatie, she got more on Cherish, while Amyatie got more on Oogle. Nik was the first one to submit her entry, and for that she already got her prezzie - to match her Yoshe. Anyhow, I supposed Nik should win because of her eagerness.

Quote from her entry:

cikgu nik : En posmen, ade tak parcel utk nik hazifah?
en. Posmen : ade cikgu..ini bendanya..cikgu punyer ke?
cikgu nik : a'ah..hehehe..tima kasih ye..
en. azizan (kerani opis): amboi cikgu..kali ni beli ape pulak?
cikgu nik : ade la..acik nak tau meh le gi bilik guru..saya dh x sabo nak bukak nih.

You just need to know that eversince she knew about me selling this RS, she kept bugging me with know in the middle of the night, extremely early in the morning.., waiting patiently (heh I knew it was impatiently for me to return from KL) juz so eager, too eager to start babywearing.

So there you go. I got one special gift for Mamidamia on top of her consolation prize, it's for that sweetest smile by DAMIA, well don't you agree with me? Damia look utterly adorable with her momy breastfeeding her baby sis using gorgeous Rosalyn as the Nursing cover. And for wearing matching outfit. Cute.

Congratulations to the winner! I will be sending your prezzies tomorrow. To the consolation receivers, congratulations also for choosing to wear your baby, you have made a very wise choice. I'm not an educator, so go google bout the benefits.

To Suraiya: the Pantun was so creative. Happy Cding your baby.

To Saba: I'd love to choose you too for that SUPER HAPPY SMILE on both Momy and Baby faces, with Bedros. That's a winning smile!

To Nuroll: Yey you managed to get Mr Daddy to put on that rugged Dillion, cayalah!

Thank you guys, and thanks to my OOGLERS and contestants' supporters for your great sport!

Have a great evening.


  1. huuuhhuhu..xsangka menang gaks akhirnyer..even no.2..huhuuhu yeii yeii..maryaa bg adiah...huuhu,hubby i yg bukak msg i smalam..dier yg beria..siap ckp congrate kat i..(masa tu i tgh mamai tido..huhuh)

  2. AMYATIE..& NIK..coongrates!!!!
    huuhuh..xsesia-sia moel RS ni..for the eother contestant gaks..huhuh congrates!! we all winner of the RS..
    marya..u kna buat byk gi contest camni..sronot..;)

  3. Mamanoa & Nik tahniah bangat pada kalian, saba, mamidamia, suraiya & nuroll u guys still dpt hadiah juga kan, pada ku semua adalah pemenang.. salam perkenalan buat semua.. chewah!! walaupun ada yg dh kenal bangat.. ahaks!

  4. terharunye daku..maryaa..thank u very much..
    tha, mu bile nk wat contest?

    to mamanoa and thu..tahniah gak..

    pada yang lain u are the superb and marveles moms..

  5. aikk..nama daku pun disebut2 juga ker..huhu..tahniah ler pada peserta..walaupun dah lambat wish...