Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wear Your Baby Contest

Hello Momies! Happy shiny day! May is a momy month and May at Maryaaa's Oogle is a momy's treat. To appreciate you gorgeous Momies, I'm having a Wear Your Baby Contest starting 1st of May 2009.

Just purchase any Ringsling from Maryaaa's Oogle, snap your photo wearing your baby IN IT and post it at your blog with a short summary on why you choose to wear your baby and why you bought that Ringsling from Maryaaa's Oogle. If you don't have a blog then email me your photo and write up. This offer also valid for momies who had already bought the Ringsling from me before this. Let me just publish your name so you won't feel missed out:

1.Amyatie - Rachel Red
2.Aminah - Beatta Beige
3.Zarina - Rosalyn
4.Ruzana - Bridget
5.Nahariah - Oriel
6.Wanie - Dido
7.Nik - Yoshe
8.Suraiya - Phoebe
9.Azi - Patience
10.Sherly - Giorgio
11.No'a - Beatta
12.Alyum - Ruby
13.Rozy - Gavin
14.Saba - Bedros

This contest will be held until 20 May 2009. There will be 3 winners. Who choose the winner? ME, coz it's myblog, it's that simple! (<---- but of course as usual I will get some opinions from friends and fellow bloggers) Buy a Ringsling now! (well if you don't then I'm gonna wear 'em all coz they are so pretty and definitely worthy). Cheers!


  1. esk jak ku bergambar dgn Yoshe ku..

  2. ku nk masuk contest ni,,, huhu best best

  3. maryaa..check me..

  4. kalau gmbr tu...ambil masa book fair boleh?

  5. huishh,,tak sbr nak posing nehh..:)

  6. ku dh siapkan entry psl RS ni di blog ku , sila la visit

  7. ku sokong dari belakang .. hihi..

  8. MAryaa..i da jd model da dgn anak i...u beter check it out in my n sexy mommy in town!!!